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Since 1997, Annapurna Consult provides successful and up-and-coming companies with a unique package of innovative corporate team building events & group activities designed to build camaraderie, boost morale, and enhance productivity. Our events are designed and implemented with extraordinary attention to detail. We help people experience stories that are worth telling.

Our unique and innovative corporate team building events and group activities will not only challenge your team mentally but will force them to interact and communicate, inevitably creating a more cohesive unit. Teams will be challenged to think outside the box while relating all activities to your company’s objectives.

Our facilitators work with you to help maximize your return from the workshops by ensuring the activity is aligned and integrated to achieve your desired outcomes. Our events not only lend themselves perfectly to professional facilitation, they will also capture the imagination and attention of your staff (who no doubt feel they have “seen it all” when it comes to professional training). The events are modified to maximize the impact our facilitator and the challenges will have with your group.

All our programs are designed to please the greatest number of people: athletic or not, each individual will enjoy every minute of the activities. We work all over Belgium and in Europe. We provide services for your seminars and conferences.

Operating since 1997 with major local and international clients, we have:

  • pure fun to strategic developmental levels
  • a large range of original and proven indoor and outdoor activities
  • professional people and infrastructures geared toward corporate level delivery
  • worked with clients from a wide range of industries and cultures.
  • in depth knowledge in order to justify our actions
  • built a highly successful business and team ourselves.
  • the product range and quality to work with you year after year.


We are:

  • widely regarded as market leaders, innovators and pioneers in the field.
  • accustomed to working at diverse venues and locations
  • locally owned with genuine global network.
  • big enough to be the best and small enough to be personal and attentive.
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