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More Team Building

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That’s NOT all, folks!

Annapurna has so much more to offer than what you can find on our website.

We are constantly searching for new concepts, developing new ideas and bringing them to you. You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg!

Moreover, we can also create tailor-made events just for you.

Let's make it happen

Do you want the event of your dreams?

Let’s take a dive underwater and see what else we have in store for you

Blow Up The Bank

Casino tables, dealers, money, cheating, all make for some quick thinking and innovativeness that will turn your team into the wealthiest Joes in town.

The participants are divided into teams. To become the wealthiest team they will need to be innovative. “Faites vos jeux”. Each member will have an important role to play. With the participation of a professional cheater, pickpocket, and magician, everything goes, for example, printing of counterfeit notes. Two police officers and a flight inspector will provide a surprising twist in events. The participants and dealers will have to keep an eye out for fake dollars that are making there way around the tables. They will play for 3 hours whilst trying to become the wealthiest team by breaking the bank. Attention: dealers are vigilant! After 3 hours the richest team will win the challenge.

Duration: 3h40

Number of participants : 20 to 300

Download the brochure(French)

Star Academy

Elect the star of your company or department!

Based on the successful reality TV show, there will be 7 challenges to elect the star of the evening: A rap competition, classical dance, “Live Mix Back,” electrical guitar competition (a must), theatre and physical expression performance, fashion show… Each activity will be taught by a professional in theatre, song, dance, aerobics, etc…. In the end, one candidate will become the winner: And will be crowed with the title of “Star of the year”!

Duration : 2 hours

Number of participants : 20 to 300

Download the brochure (French)

Picasso @ Work

Create a personalized painting for your company as a team!

During one hour of boardroom creativity, teams will work together to create a one of a kind piece of art to display in their workspace. Using a variety of recycled and reclaimed art supplies, teams will compete against each other to see which group can best convey the theme of the day. This can be a customized theme specific to the group (e.g. mission statement, corporate philosophy, current business focus) or can be randomly chosen the day of the event. Themes may include: Dedication, Perseverance, Frugality, etc.

Teams will have limited time and resources to complete this task, so creativity and thinking outside the box are paramount to winning this event. The judges will determine the top 2 projects and then a popular vote will determine the winners. Medals and bragging rights will be handed out during the awards ceremony.

Duration : min 2 hours

Number of participants : 20-200

Crime Movie

Who will be the most famous film director?

Tired of Cop movies with their corny characters and plot lines? Why not write, direct, and perform your very own movie? Incorporate in a fun and entertaining way some of your company’s selling points and slogans? Teams are under contract to develop a cop/crime themed-based movie that incorporates the company in a personalized manner. They must use the technology, costumes, and equipment provided to create the movie. All the team members participate as part of the cast or crew.

Duration: 2 – 4 hours

Number of participants : 40 – 200

Scene 1 - Take 1

Lights, Camera, Action! Create your own Hollywood films for a fun-packed screening at your own company’s Film Awards. With plenty of technical equipment, props, and costumes to complete their own blockbuster, teams can also incorporate key business themes. Technical instructions and skills will be provided. The teams are encouraged to inject their own creativity and talent to turn this film into one of the most unforgettable films ever presented at the company Film Awards.

Key Themes: Creativity, innovation, teamwork, diversity, team roles, project management

Duration : 3 hours

Number of participants : 30-200

Download the brochure (French)

The Olympic Games

Revive the Olympic Games as a company challenge

In this Olympic themed event teams will compete against each other using their intelligence and physical strength to navigate their way though the woods while taking on various Olympic-themed physical and cerebral challenges. Following the Opening Ceremony the Head of the Olympic committee will present an outline for the day. All participants will take the ‘Athlete’s Oath,’ the teams will then receive their ‘Athlete’s Package’ that includes instructions for the game, an ‘Olympic Passport’, maps, transit tickets, and various other supplies that teams will find useful in their challenge. Before the teams depart they must complete an Olympic Quiz with 15 questions relating to past and future Olympic Games. The teams will then have approximately 2 hours to complete as many themed challenges as possible before making their way to the finish line. Teams are scored and prizes awarded during the Closing Ceremony.

An original team-building concept by Annapurna Consult, tested and approved last August by a famous French pharmaceutical company.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Number of participants: 40-250

Top Challenge

A fun and exciting challenge!

Teams will rotate through a variety of condensed sports based challenges and activities that will enable people to play and participate at their own pace. Each team will be able to accumulate vital points and opportunities based on having nominated members to join a competition comprised of sports and intellectual challenges such as an obstacle race, human foosball, beach volleyball, mini golf and hub-hockey. The mix of athletic and non-athletic activities enables people to choose what best suits their own pace and preferences.


Duration : 3-4 hours

Number of participants : 16 – 300

The Treasure of Barbarossa

A treasure hunt in Knokke Le Zoute

Are you interested in buying the island of Barbarossa? Do you have the desire to retire to a faraway land? Then this concept is for you. Developed in Knokke Le Zoute you will need to earn a sufficient amount of diamonds to make a proposition that will hopefully give your team the opportunity to buy the island of Barbarossa. You will get the chance to try a variation of water sport activities (paddle board, kite surf, wind surfing, canoe, etc.) and finish the quest on a surrey bike in the beautiful surroundings of the Belgian coast.

It can also be a great concept for a family fun day!

Duration : ½ to 1 day

Number of participants : 40 – 100

The Roman Empire

An adaptation of the famous game « Monopoly » taken to another level.

Team Building on a grand scale, Age of Empire will take you back to the Roman Empire.

Each team represents a roman legion and will try to conquer Caesar’s territories by

passing galo-roman trials. From the naval battle to the gladiators, a lot of exciting challenges await you. The legion with the most territories at the end will inherit Caesar’s laurel!

Duration : 3-4 hours

Number of participants : 40-250

Download the brochure (French)

The Raiders of the Lost Ark

A race between teams of archaeologists to solve the riddle of Sir Lancelot!

A number of enigmas must be solved to put together different pieces of parchment. Each team will compete to discover the famous treasure.

Duration: 3-4 hours to a day

Number of participants: 16-300

Download the brochure (French)

Family Day

Have an amazing day with your colleagues or family. Any of our concepts presented above can be adapted to families in order to make your day memorable! Special activities for children with our professional artists dedicated to children are available: Mademoiselle Jeanne et son porteur (photos)

Download the brochure (French)

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