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The Ashmore Case

Posted on 29 May 2015 in Team Building - 0


(Played by professional actors)

The ambulance arrived on the scene and took the body for an autopsy.

The participants are then given a mission: identify the murderer(s). They will also search for the murder weapon and discover where the murder was committed, all this before midnight. Each team receives a perfect detective kit and the time required to discover who committed the murder, how and why, based on a brief description of the main suspects, a series of clues and a precise report.

Participants can ‘attend’ the autopsy via a humorous video. The clues lead them progressively towards the truth; it remains first and foremost a matter of reasoning and logic. By bringing together all the elements they will discover the identity and motive of the killer.


Exhilarating live acting performances.

Red herrings, gunshots and sensational turns of events, will keep everyone on their toes for an unforgettable evening.


An elaborate plot.

Solving the Ashmore Case requires rich collaboration, outside the box thinking, and an eye for details. Your team’s creativity will be put to test.


You'll love it!

Our professional actors make the Ashmore case a hilarious, funny, challenging, eventful and original event. You’ll love it.


What is the best timing?

It is usually proposed during a dinner. But we can also organize it in the afternoon, with interviews of the suspects in various places in a city.

Is it a scary activity?

No. The intrigue in the show is created and performed by professional actors. Characters are fun and special.

Where can we do it?

Any place with a private room. Ideal location is a castle, where the mystery can be enhanced.


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