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The Brain Foul

Posted on 29 May 2015 in en, Indoors, Team Building - 1

Put your knowledge to the test in this ultimate challenge

The most popular games in the world merged into one! Participate in the conquest of the universe by accepting and winning challenges divided into 5 categories: Ludis, Musica, Olympias, Cultura and Memoria

Animated by professional actors and dancers, the teams will toss giant dices and use “battle ships” to advance around the circuit. Their goal is to be the first team to succeed in the many challenges awaiting them on each of the planets. When a planet is conquered the team will receive a piece of the star that corresponds to the planet

The team who completes their star and arrives on the mother planet at the center of the playing field first WINS.

The perfect team-building exercise, trials are personalized according to the nature of the company involved.

An unforgettable moment

Number of participants : 15 – 60

Duration : 2 hours

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