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Posted on 31 July 2015 in Indoors, Team Building - 5

Discover one of the world’s most coveted secrets!

Come and discover ‘THE CUBE’ with colleagues, friends or family.

Our unique concept in Belgium is designed as a survival exercise where your stay will be thrilling.

You are a prisoner; you have 120 minutes to get out!

Creativity, communication, and teamwork, will be your best allies.

Today, we invite you to unravel the secrets of the CUBE! A fun and professional activity that is accessible to everybody… An exercise in survival that lasts two hours with five unique events in the amazing surroundings of a secret lab; a concept at the forefront of technology with the only weapons at your disposal being your creativity, communication and team spirit…


You've never seen this anywhere!

The Cube is a unique concept that takes team building to a whole new level. You’ve never done anything like this before!


Drive your team to success!

The Cube challenges you at many different levels. Logic, dexterity, fitness and wisdom are the keys to success. There’s no easy way out.


Team spirit is the key!

The Cube is a collaborative experience, everyone has a part to play. Only teamwork and organization will allow you to be at the top of your game.


How long does it take to defeat the CUBE?

The CUBE usually takes 2 hours, depending on group size.

How many people can come in the CUBE?

The CUBE can host up to 150 people, but is most enjoyable around 40 to 60 participants. It is possible to arrange for smaller groups as well. Please contact us for more information.

Am I really trapped in the CUBE?

The CUBE is meant to be a fun experience, and at any time, if for any reason someone needs to get out, they are of course free to do so.

How should I dress for the CUBE?

The CUBE involves some physical activity, so comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended albeit not mandatory.

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